Dear Junior……..

Dear Junior, I just want you to know, I try to have patience I really do. I'm sorry things are tough at the minute, I promise life will get easier. I think it's great you are now showing an interest in your ADHD Diagnosis, but honestly it doesn't change who you are, you are still … Continue reading Dear Junior……..


I am the Mum….

I am the Mum you see out and about. The Mum who looks young. The Mum who has three children. The Mum who looks like she has no control over her boys.  The Boys who you may hear before you see, the boys who cant keep still. The boys who talk at a high volume. … Continue reading I am the Mum….

Our Reality

    This is our reality. Junior got angry. I couldn't explain to him what was going to happen throughout the day while I was at work. He destroyed the trampoline. Juniors speciality as you might want to call it, is destroying things. I honestly don't think at the time it's always intentional. He regrets … Continue reading Our Reality