I havent posted in a while. I have a lot to get my head around. I will forever be grateful for the amount of support and well wishes i have recieved through Instagram and the blogging world. So Junior had his EEG. We had lots of questions to answer again. Most of them ones we … Continue reading The EEG


“Your Son definatly has a disorder”

Hearing them words, even when you think you are expecting them, knock the wind out of you. So many feelings. Elated, a proffesional sees what i see, im not going crazy. Im not a bad Mum after all. We are finally going to get some answers. An officially diagnosis. We will get help. Sad, because … Continue reading “Your Son definatly has a disorder”

Our Reality

    This is our reality. Junior got angry. I couldn't explain to him what was going to happen throughout the day while I was at work. He destroyed the trampoline. Juniors speciality as you might want to call it, is destroying things. I honestly don't think at the time it's always intentional. He regrets … Continue reading Our Reality