Dear Junior……..

Dear Junior, I just want you to know, I try to have patience I really do. I'm sorry things are tough at the minute, I promise life will get easier. I think it's great you are now showing an interest in your ADHD Diagnosis, but honestly it doesn't change who you are, you are still … Continue reading Dear Junior……..


A Year After ADHD Diagnosis…..

So here we are a year after diagnosis. Are things any different? The answer is No! Most definitely not. I can honestly say, naively I thought things might improve. I dont know how or what i thought a piece of paper, and some medication, would magically change. After all even the professionals all describe him … Continue reading A Year After ADHD Diagnosis…..

Our Reality

    This is our reality. Junior got angry. I couldn't explain to him what was going to happen throughout the day while I was at work. He destroyed the trampoline. Juniors speciality as you might want to call it, is destroying things. I honestly don't think at the time it's always intentional. He regrets … Continue reading Our Reality