I’m Sam. Im 30 years old and a proud Mama to three Wild Cubs;

Junior (10) who is currently in the diagnosis process for Aspergers and ADHD. Most of my posts are about Junior. I try my best to be as candid and honest in my struggles to parent Juniors additional needs, and to just to parent in general.

Alfie Bear (8) has been unofficially diagnosed with Dyspraxia and are currently looking into if he has a learning  disability. Alfie Bear really struggled as a baby/toddler as he has development delay. Alfie also has a milk protein allergy and a Soya allergy. 

Porchia (7) is just Porchia, a little Diva, but my little Diva. She puts up with so much from her brothers, oh nearly forgot to mention she can throw a mean tantrum.

My Blog is mainly for me to vent. A place were I can put down my feelings. Through blogging I have learnt that these feelings are normal, it doesn’t make me a bad parent.

Me and the Hubby have been married for 11 years. (We got married young, after a year long whirlwind romance). My marriage has been a huge roller coaster, but I’ll save that story for another time.


I’m a Support Worker for Adults with Disabilities. An avid Instagrammer and a part time Facebooker. I’m a lover of taking photographs, and love to document everything (especially on Insta).

I hope you enjoy reading my blog.