Alfie Bears Story…..

A lot of my blogs, well nearly all my blogs are about Junior. I thought it was about time I blogged about Alfie Bear and a new journey we about to take……

When Alfie Bear entered the world, he did so extremely quickly. The Midwife told me I was only 4cm and to stop been silly I didn’t need to push. I had hours to go.A trainee midwife came in to check on me, and to have a chat, I told her I needed to push. The midwife and my Husband helped to take my trousers off and then The midwife litrally caught him. It was all so quick.
Alfie was perfect though and had no issues, apart from he was very jaundice and couldn’t regulate his temperature. He struggled to feed and found it difficult to suck. He didn’t like opening his eyes.We were still allowed home after 6 hours of having him though. 

Alfie cried all the time. He cried when you held him. Cried when you put him down. He was always sick and had the most horrific diarreah. He struggled to feed and didnt have a natural latch. The longest he ever slept for was 2 hours and that was rare. He was hard work. Especially when I had a 20 month old to look after too. The doctors always told me I was just a overprotective Mum. After all I was just overcoming pnd. It’s probably Colic they said. 

Alfie never developed like an average child. Attending a second hearing test appointment at 6 months, the paediatrician asked me to sit Alfie on the chair. At this point Alfie couldn’t hold his head up, sit or roll over. He never responded to sight, sound or had reflexes. This was the start of a very long journey.And lots of input from lots of professionals. 

We had meetings, therapy, and lots of hard work. Alfie got given a special nursery place funded for with his own trained 1:1. We got an unofficial diagnosis of Dyspraxia  (apparently they can’t diagnose under age 5) 

Alfie continued to be sick and have very bad nappies. He continued to cry all the time. After tests, it was confirmed Alfie had Cows Milk Protein Allergy. Things steadily improved with his nappies and sickness and crying. He no longer held his knees up all the time and began stretching out. He has also now developed a soya allergy and he is still under the dietician to see if there’s anything else. Thankfully the caeliacs test came back negative. 

Alfie held his head up at 9 months of age, rolled over, and sat up at 10 months. Alfie has always choked on his food, and as a Baby constantly choked on his milk. Alfie still overfills his mouth and doesn’t chew much, so needs constant supervision, so he doesn’t choke. Alfie couldn’t speak until he was around 3 and a half. We have and are working so hard with him on his development.

Alfie’s still below his age group, which he more than likely will always be. He loves character clothing and loves nothing more than playing with his woody and buzz or his dragons, or whatever his fave thing of the month is. 

I’m ashamed to say I used to try and push him to like things society says he should, try and make him a little more like everyone else. I’ve learnt something though. Alfie is just Alfie and as long as he is happy and healthy then so am I. 

We have an appointment next weekwith the learning disability service, as Alfie still cant spell simple one syllable words. What ever the outcome from the LDS team, he will always be my kind, loving, cuddly caring little boy 💙


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