The Diagnosis

Sorry we’ve not blogged in a while. Life has certainly been hectic and has got in the way of my outlet.

4 years of fighting. 4 years of saying I cannot Parent my child properly. 4 years of complete chaos. 4 years of my child hitting me, throwing things at me and yelling abuse. 10 years of feeling like a failing parent.

We have tried. Like really tried, every parenting method going. We have tried every approach.

To be greeted by the Paediatrician at our latest appointment, with a beaming smile and the encouraging words “We have some answers today” was amazing. I cannot even begin to describe the relief I felt at that moment.

Junior has been diagnosed with a severe form of Hyperactive, impulsive ADHD. The Paediatrician thinks there may be something else underlying too, but would like to deal with the ADHD first.


I’ve always been against medicating my Cub but after a very lengthy discussion we are starting on a small dose.

The relief i feel that I’m not just a shit Mum is incredible. The feeling that my Son has a mental illness/disability is crushing. My side of the Family have a lot of mental illness and I have seen first hand the incredible struggles and the damage that can happen.

We have a long way to go. A huge way to go. This is only the very beginning of our already long journey.

We are hoping to see an improvement in Juniors behaviour soon. He’s back to needing to be restrained again. We still have more bad days but hopefully, with the help of his medication he will start having more good days, and Oh boy I can’t wait for them.

We also got another diagnosis regarding his seizure, a few appointments ago. Junior doesn’t have Epilepsy, he has Reflex Vasovagal Synacope. He could have another seizure any time. We haven’t sussed out the trigger yet. 

We just have to take one day at a time.
Until then we have the love and support to get through this journey and come out stronger. 💙



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