Perfectly Imperfect

image.jpgMy name is Sam 🙋🏻 and I’m addicted to Instagram!!

i spend my days instagramming, all day long. It’s a lovely little community. The only down fall is, how some, not all chose to portray their lives in the small little boxes. It’s these accounts, I find myself looking at the most. The perfect houses, the perfectly well behaved children, the fun filled enjoyable days outs they all have as a family. Together, laughing, smiling.  I find myself feeling envious. I would like a little bit of what they have. I feel myself getting really down, comparing my life.

It was the other day, after going back to work. (I had a weeks annual leave) that I realised, my life is perfectly imperfect.

I have come to realise we are never going to have a full meltdown free day. But do you know what I’m ok with that. Why?! Because half a day meltdown free is a task in it self. We are never going to have a perfectly immaculate home. Why?! Because my home is a lived in home, not a show room. It’s its own kind of beautiful. Our beautiful.

People are never going to look at my family and be envious, and do you know what I’m ok with that. My life is unpredictable, we never know how Junior, or Alfie are going to react to situations, or how much they will actually enjoy a day trip. Don’t get me wrong we always have meltdowns, but they have a small bit of enjoyment, and for that I’m grateful. The smallest things bring them so much joy.

ive always promised myself to keep things raw and real on social media. I don’t want to pretend my life is something it’s not.

This Summer we have things to look forward to. I joined a support group. It was the best thing I could of done. They do trips. We are joining them, I can’t wait, we will be able to go out as a family, and not get judged, no tuts, no staring and no nasty comments. For the people at the support group I will forever be grateful. As I will be forever grateful to my support worker, school and family, and my support network on social media.

We are perfectly imperfect and it’s taken a while but I’m ok with that. Actually I’m more than ok with it. I love my Cubs just the way they are. After all it would be boring to be like every one else.



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