Support Network

I have found it comforting, the support I have received lately.

I always kept everything in, worried to say how much we were struggling, how bad things had become. I feared been judged. I always blamed my parenting. After all the judgemental stares, the comments, when Junior has a meltdown, the comments about how loud he is, or how he doesn’t stop talking. The complaints from parents and the teachers, how Junior had lashed out at another child. They just added to the fact that I was a shit Mum.

Im so glad I reached out, and asked for help. I got the most amazing support worker (the first support worker is a whole other story!) I got put in touch with other Mums who are going through the same. I talked to some amazing Mums on Instagram, and to all these people I will be forever grateful, not only for giving up your time, but for not judging me. For listening and giving advice.

It turns out I’m not alone, I don’t live in a little bubble. Im not the only parent feeling this way. I’m not a shit Mum, It’s not my fault that Junior displays these behaviours. It’s just Junior, the way he was built. He’s programmed to be this way.  I don’t love him any less and I’m sure he doesn’t love us any less.

i do need to learn to vent my stress better though, and not to get so wound up. I suppose we all have a lot to work on. It’s a long journey that we all have to take together.



On another note though Alfie has got has had a referral to a dietician. Hopefully we get answers soon.

Thats all we seem to be doing lately, waiting for answers. I hate waiting. I’m slowly learning to be patient though.





One thought on “Support Network

  1. This sounds the exact same as me. I didn’t admit how hard I was finding it for so long and when I eventually did things improved (very slightly) I think that’s one of the best things about social media (and blogging) being able to talk to others going through the same , that you wouldn’t normally get the chance to talk to. Thanks for sharing


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