The Beginning

imageimageI was always told the beginning was a good place to start.

Im a Mama to three Cubs. Two boys and a girl.

Junior, age 10, my eldest has just started going through the process for a possible diagnosis of Aspergers.

I’m not yet sure how I feel about this. I have felt and been through every emotion possible.

Telling you Junior is hard work is  understatement. He needs control over everything and everyone. He needs complete structure and routine. He needs things to be just his way. However insane it may be. Don’t follow his rules ends in a epic meltdown, violence and an epic potty mouth.

the looks of disgust from follow parents. The tuts and stares and the “control your child” comments just add fuel to the fire. It makes me angry. It makes me more than angry. When my child’s attacking me calling me a “fucking dickhead”  it makes me want to scream. Hand him over and tell them to do better!

Junior “obsession” is vehicles. To call it a obsession, is putting it mildly. The subject literally rules his life. Waking my husband at 5am to ask which type of car he thinks is better, is completely acceptable in Juniors eyes.

I could go on forever.

I’m hoping this blog is some kind of outlet. Something to keep me sane. I’m hoping someone can read this and say I know what your going through!

This whole process can be lonely, and very draining.


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